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Abloy High Security Keys and Locks

Abloy Lock
Abloy was developed in 1907 by Emil Henrckson, an office machinery mechanic in Helsinki Finland. Abloy key cylinders are virtually pick proof, sometimes compared to a bank vaults locking mechanism.

Abloy Protec Elite has 1.97 billion possible key combinations. No wear on the keys or the cylinders.

MX semi restricted keys and lock cylinder

MX is a semi restricted key system available to locksmiths only and key Profiles are further restricted geographically as MX1, MX2, MX3 etc.

MX keys are very sturdy with a thick blade that stand up well in high use areas. MX key cylinders use Schlage’s standard space, depth and pinning.

MX is a good alternative to fully restricted high security keys and locks at approximately one half the cost and still providing reasonable key control.

Prevent Mail and Identity Theft

Private group type mail boxes found in a strata, condo, apartment and even commercial property have become an easy target for mail theft because they are relatively insecure and once opened the thief has access to multiple mail boxes. The mail is then sold to organized crime and used for identity theft, fraudulent credit cards, fake ID etc.

Bell Locksmith of Maple Ridge BC has developed a series of security kits to fit most private group boxes. Locksmith designed industry approved Bell Locksmith kits stop mail theft. Laing’s Lock and Key Service is pleased to be a Vancouver Island distributor for the Bell Locksmith security kits.

Read more about the Bell Postal Lock Upgrade Kit

A lady told me about a stolen government cheque that had been modified from $76.00 to read $760.00. This cheque was even cashed at a well known bank, several months later the RCMP arrived at the door investigating her fraudulent cheque. It often takes several months for these crimes to surface making it very difficult, if not impossible to solve.



I am often asked to rekey or install double cylinder deadbolts or add secondary locking devices on the main entry / exit doors. Often trying to keep our children safe or a senior from wandering we put them in harms way by adding a secondary chain or locking device they can not reach or do not understand. In an emergency everyone should be able to get out. Even an adult can not always reach a secondary locking device mounted high on a door after a fall or stroke, in a fire it can be hundreds of degrees only a few feet off the floor.

The British Columbia fire code states in section, “means of egress shall be provided in buildings in conformance with the British Columbia Building Code”

The British Columbia Building Code states in section

“locking, latching, and other fastening devices on a principle entrance door and every exit door shall permit the door to be readily opened from the inside with not more than one releasing operation and without requiring keys, special devices or specialized knowledge of the door opening mechanism”.

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