Prevention through Security – Our Locksmith Services

Laing’s Lock and Key Services Include:

  • Locks rekeyed
  • Locks installed
  • Locks upgraded
  • Master key systems (customized to your needs)
  • Open ups
  • Commercial security
  • Residential security
  • Strata and Condo security
  • High security keys & locks and cylinders
  • Custom fitted astragals made of 3/16″ aluminum, raw finish or powder coated to match
  • Door closers
  • Break-in prevention
  • Break-in repairs

High Security Keys

High security keys are restricted at multiple levels usually requiring a signature card, customized at the time of set up to your individual needs.
Abloy High Security Keys

Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey refers to the disassembly and repining of your existing locks to allow a new and different key to operate them. This process renders all other keys useless.


Astragal - Laing's Lock & Key Service Ltd.Covers the gap between a single door & frame or between double commercial and French doors protecting the latch deadbolt and frame from attack or manipulation.

I have every astragal custom made to best fit the contours of each door & frame situation ensuring the highest level of security.

Knob Guards

Knob Guard - Laing's Lock & Key Service Ltd.A knob guard is installed over top of a knob set only leaving the key cylinder area exposed protecting the lock set from attack. Knob guards are used mostly for strata, condo and commercial applications on doors that use a storeroom function (always locked) knob or lever lock set. These are usually areas that fire and building codes dictate the hardware and function on a particular door to a single action Knob or lever.

Did you know?

  • The locks on your new home need not be replaced
  • Your locks can be rekeyed at a fraction of their replacement cost
  • Most commonly found locks can be rekeyed and repaired

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When should you have locks rekeyed or replaced?

  • Your keys have been lost, stolen or misplaced
  • Locking undesirables out of a commercial or residential rental property
  • You have just purchased a new home (since you don’t know who may have keys)
  • You need to protect your person, family or property from someone who may be in possession of your keys
  • Eliminating an employee at work